Interview with Rachel Jewell:


I had such an excellent opportunity to be interviewed by my close friend Rachel Jewell, Founder of One Woman's Journey. Here, we dive deep into my self-help journey and what led me to why I'm here and why I do what I do. Enjoy!

Interview with Jill Whalen:


Have you had second guesses on the choices you make throughout life? Here, I got a chance to address my triumphs and tribulations before discovering the Principles with Jill and her following. We discuss what we both have been through and why it's just our thoughts detouring us from our potential. 

Facilitator Graduate Video:

Why have the Principles changed me? 
Well, this is why. This video is back from 2016 and was only the start of my journey through my understanding of the principles. Enjoy. 


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Essi Herman
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**Please be advised that  my role as a coach is to facilitate a stronger connection between you and your own wisdom. These conversations should in no way be construed as therapy or diagnostic services of any kind, or as financial, legal, medical, or any other kind of advice